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Neighborhood Emergency Team

South Waterfront NET invites interested SoWa residents to learn about what you can do to prepare your home and neighborhood for natural disasters. SoWa NET meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the Mirabella Park View Room, 3550 SW Bond Ave. Everyone is welcome.

It is well known that advance preparation and neighbors helping neighbors is the way most of us can help ourselves and one another survive major disasters and their aftermath. Taking a few steps now to prepare yourself, your family, and your neighbors just makes sense. Even a little advance preparation can make a huge difference when a natural disaster strikes. 

In 2019, the South Waterfront Emergency Preparedness Committee merged with the South Waterfront Neighborhood Emergency Team (SoWa NET). NETs, are composed of Portland residents trained by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) and Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) to provide emergency assistance within their neighborhoods. NET members are trained to save lives until professional responders can arrive. When we have a severe quake, professional responders may be unable to reach South Waterfront for many days—even weeks.

This combined group, SoWa NET, will be working to develop 1) preparedness groups within every building in South Waterfront, 2) preparedness within the community, addressing issues beyond the capacity of any one building to solve, 3) a communication network within South Waterfront that will provide access to emergency resources outside our neighborhood as quickly as possible and 4) a close working relationship with Fire Station #4, the Fire Station assigned to South Waterfront. 

At present, SoWa NET includes several local AROs (Amateur Radio Operators or hams) who will be able to communicate with emergency resources outside our neighborhood. Each building’s preparedness team will use a Family Radio Service radio to communicate with the SoWa NET so we can better communicate our condition and needs to PBEM. 

In 2019, SoWa NET members will be recruiting volunteers who want to participate in their building’s preparedness but do not want to get NET training at this time. These Affiliated Trained Volunteers (ATVs) will provide an invaluable core of residents available to assist others in their buildings and the larger community in times of emergency. 

Click here to view South Waterfront’s Emergency Preparedness Guide.