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Carpool Policies and Procedures
Get an understanding of how to sign up for a carpool parking permit and information about the rules of the Portland carpool parking program at the Portland Bureau of Transportation Website. The program offers discounted rates for parking in the downtown, Lloyd Center, and South Waterfront for carpools and vanpools.

CarpoolCheck allows companies to pay part of their employees' carpool parking costs at selected parking locations in downtown Portland where there is a monthly parking fee. Most of the operators in the downtown area will accept CarpoolChecks. Call TriMet at 503-962-7670 to create the CarpoolChecks after you have determined a monthly subsidy amount. Then distribute the CarpoolChecks so employees can submit them (with the balance of the payment due) to their parking facility each month. The parking facility will then bill your company for each voucher received. The parking operators will need to know your employer contact information for billing.

Other Incentives
Companies that offer at least at $10 subsidy per month through CarpoolCheck or other carpool subsidy programs are also eligible for TriMet's Emergency Ride Home program.

Metro is now providing discounts  on vanpools to work sites in the Portland metro area with Metro’s approved vanpool leasing companies. Vanpooling is a highly efficient and cost effective ride to work. A vanpool needs 5 to 15 commuters including a qualified driver. There are over 30 vanpools currently operating in the Portland metro area. Learn more at Metro Vanpool or call 503-797-1757.  



  • Zipcar is an international carsharing service with vehicles across the United States and Canada. Members have access to hundreds of late-model cars, trucks, SUVs, and more, not only in their home cities, but everywhere that Zipcars live. That includes Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver BC — even New York, Chicago, and London! Zipcar has over 200 vehicles in Portland, including two in South Waterfront (SW Whitaker and SW Bond). Visit Zipcar's website and get up-to-date information, including discounts for South Waterfront residents and employees on vehicle plans and hourly rates.

Drive Less Connect

  • DriveLess Connect is Oregon's free, secure, easy-to-use online matching ride-matching tool that matches you with people going your way to work and play. 

South Waterfront Carpool on-street spaces

  • South Waterfront has its own on-street designated carpool parking spots. 30 spaces are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 am M-F. New carpool locations are:
    • West side of SW Moody Avenue between SW Pennoyer Street and SW Gaines Street.
    • South side of SW Gaines Street between SW Moody Avenue and SW Macadam Avenue.
    • North side of SW Bancroft Street between SW Bond Avenue and SW Moody Avenue.
    • East side of SW Bond Avenue between SW Bancroft Street and SW Lowell Street.


  • Car2go, with over 200 vehicles, which are always ready to go, for as long and as often as you want, makes carsharing easy. No fixed rental stations, but plenty of benefits for your budget and the environment. Check them out for quick trips throughout the Portland area.


  • Getaround allows you to rent out your personal car or allows you to rent someone else's personal car. Think how often your car is sitting in a parking spot. Now you can make money on your car and someone else can benefit.