Bus Service



To University of Portland:

To Oregon City TC

36-South Shore

To Lake Oswego TC or Portland:

Transit Tracker

Want to know exactly when the bus is going to pull up? Use TriMet's Transit Tracker Online or by phone at 503-238-RIDE (7433). Enter your Stop ID number to find out how soon your bus or train will arrive. Now you won't have to rush to your stop just to watch the bus leave; you can grab that cup of coffee or newspaper and know that you'll be at your stop in plenty of time.

Route Planning

Getting from point A to point B is easy with TriMet's Trip Planner. Enter your starting location, destination, estimated time of departure or when you'd like to arrive, and follow TriMet's directions for the quickest route to your destination. You can even change the parameters based on how far you're willing to walk and whether you want to avoid multiple transfers. It's a pretty slick tool for getting around the Portland Metro region.