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Tuesday Trivia to Take Place at City Rotisserie Bar & Grill

Quick trivia buffs, what in the world does M&M’s actually stand for?!

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Before we reveal the answer to this sweet-treat stumper (and now that we have your attention), we first would like to make an important announcement.

Beginning in May, City Rotisserie Bar & Grill, one of the South Waterfront’s favorite local eateries, will host a new monthly tradition of Tuesday Trivia on the first Tuesday of the month!

 From 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. at City Rotisserie’s Happy Hour, partake in a pint of $2 Rainier Tall Boys, sip a glass of reasonably priced worldly wine, and/or sample one of their house specialty mini 3 oz cocktails.

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Before you know it, 6 o’clock will roll around and it will be Trivia Time!

The cost to play is $1 (in cash) per person per round. You can choose to play one round or if you truly trust in your trivia talents, you can play ‘em all! The winner and/or the winning team will take the pot at the end of each round.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to socialize with your neighbors, make new friends, and show off your expertise of brain teasers!

And now we shall reveal the much anticipated answer to the M&M’s puzzler…

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Con Leche, a New Coffee Pop-Up, Is Coming to Frank Wine and Flower

Photo credit:  Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you particularly relate to the above statement, then you my caffeine-feen, vino-loving friend are in for quite the treat.

Frank Wine and Flower, located next to Little Big Burger on SW Bond Avenue, announced yesterday that as of Easter Sunday, the wine and flower shop will be taking on a third role as the host of a new coffee pop-up called Con Leche

The owners of Con Leche are Angel and Lucy Medina from Small Time Roasters. According to their website, Small Time Roaster is “the only Mexican-American roaster committed to importing coffee from Mexico year round.” In fact, Angel and Lucy just returned from a trip to Colima, Mexico, where they were able to personally meet the farmers who grow the coffee that they import to use for their roasts.

Angel and Lucy Medina in Colima, Mexico. Photo credit: Smalltime Roasters' website.

Angel and Lucy Medina in Colima, Mexico. Photo credit: Smalltime Roasters' website.

The couple, residents of RiverPlace for over five years, also owns the adorable new Kiosko coffee stand located at RiverPlace.  Kiosko opened its doors this past July and quickly earned high praise from some of Portland’s harshest coffee critics including Willamette Week and The Oregonian.

Photo credit: Smalltime Roasters' website

Photo credit: Smalltime Roasters' website

In addition to serving strong and flavorful coffee, Kiosko also offers uniquely infused lattes (past favorites have been sticky rice with a side of mango and maple bacon) and sweet Mexican mochas garnished with cocoa nibs and freeze-dried raspberry powder. The shop also sells three different flavors of ahogados — an espresso drink served with ice cream similar to an Italian affogato — including horchata, chocolate mole, and cajeta (a.k.a. caramel).

Photo credit: Kiosko Coffee's Facebook

Photo credit: Kiosko Coffee's Facebook

Con Leche will be Kiosko’s second outlet. The pop-up at Frank Wine and Flowers will offer coffee in the mornings while Frank Wine and Flowers will continue to serve their famous worldly wines in the afternoons and evenings.

We at SWCR are very excited to welcome these new neighbors. Spring just got a little bit sweeter for us all in the South Waterfront!