Terry Clancy: The Cook Next Door

Blueberry scones made by South Waterfront resident and cook Terry Clancy.

Blueberry scones made by South Waterfront resident and cook Terry Clancy.

When South Waterfront resident Terry Clancy makes his weekly trip to the grocery store on Wednesday evenings, he isn’t shopping for just himself and his partner. The semi-retired former middle and high school principal purchases enough food to feed an entire baseball team.

That’s because Clancy runs a micro-sized local catering company­­—delish55—from his own kitchen at The John Ross. Each weekend, Clancy sends an email out to his clients—all of whom are South Waterfront residents—detailing the dishes he plans to make for the week­­ (Clancy’s most recent meals included items like Shepherd’s Pie, Puerto Rican style roast pork, and chicken cacciatore). On Thursday evenings, customers can pick up their fresh, homemade meals from Clancy’s condo.

SWCR recently chewed the fat with this creative culinarian in our community about his delish55 project.

How long have you lived in the South Waterfront neighborhood for?

We lived in the Riva for 6 years and then we moved to Sonoma for 3 years. We just got back in October and have been living at The John Ross.

When did you start cooking?

Well, my mom had six kids and she did not liking cooking, so I helped out with the cooking. Then, as I got older I cooked for my friends and I even was a personal chef for my boss for several years. When I moved to the South Waterfront, I started cooking for neighbors and started this little project.

So what kinds of foods do you make for delish55 customers?

I mostly make comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, but I’ll make it with cauliflower for people who like that. Also foods like roast chicken, scallop potatoes, meat loaf, and Mexican lasagna.

Mexican lasagna?

It’s basically lasagna with corn tortillas instead of lasagna noodles and then a salsa based ground beef sauce rather than Italian sauce.

Clancy's take on lasagna.

Clancy's take on lasagna.

How many orders do you typically have in a week?

You know, ten to twelve is my maximum just because of my tiny kitchen.

Do you ever get ingredients from The South Waterfront Farmers Market?

Yes, I got some berries that I made for the dessert for this last dinner. It was a berry trifle with lots of berries and lots of sugar!

What are some of the dishes that you are planning on having for the fall?

In the fall as it gets cooler most likely squash and roast vegetables. I am also planning to make chicken chili.

If you’re interested in learning more about delish55 or would like to receive Clancy’s meal announcements, email him at: terry.clancy@gmail.com.