Introducing the Urban Front Porch Lecture Series

By: Charlene Zidell

Living in an urban setting has many wonderful advantages. But it has its drawbacks too--one of which is the challenge in making true connections--it’s hard to get to know someone during a 5 second elevator ride. Perhaps you’ve personally experienced a close-knit community prior to living in the South Waterfront, or maybe you’ve only ever heard of “the good ole days” when neighbors would stop by to chat on one’s front porch…either way, wouldn’t that be a great concept to introduce to our neighborhood? Conversation and connection can transform a zip-code into a true community, an urban village.

For almost a century, the Zidell family has been an integral part of the South Waterfront’s history. As they contemplate bringing the Zidell Yards project from master plan to realization, they’d like to foster this concept of true community and belonging by sponsoring occasions for sharing our stories and furthering connections and relationships.

Please join us for the Urban Front Porch Lecture Series where, each month, we will celebrate and honor the amazing people who are quietly living amongst us. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and there’s no doubt that there is much to learn from someone’s lived experience. If you would be open to sharing your story, we would love to add you to our line-up, please reach out to us for more information.

For our very first session, we’re excited to hear from retired architect, Fred Gans, as he tells his family’s story: “From the nightmare of the Nazi regime, to the promise of the American Dream.” This will be held at 7:30 pm on Monday, June 18th, in the Willamette Hall Conference Room at the Mirabella (3550 SW Bond Ave.)

Our gates are open to all and we hope you’ll join us on our figurative front porch as we work together to build a vibrant and connected South Waterfront community.

Correction: The original blog post noted that the event started at 7:00 p.m. which was incorrect. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m.